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AEDP Southwest Therapist Directory
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New Mexico


► Brenden Dix

A Guiding Path
6666 4th St. NW Los Ranchos de Albuquerque 87107
[email protected]
Level 1 AEDP Therapist

►Engender, Inc.

A Breakthrough to Wellness
2632 Pennsylvania NE, Suite E
Albuquerque, NM 87110
[email protected]505-242-4400
Non Profit counseling agency in Albuquerque providing AEDP therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups (serving children, youth, and adults)

►Tova Fox, M.Ed., LPCC, LADAC

[email protected]505-977-9613
Level 2 AEDP Therapist

►Birgitta Gabel, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

1400 Central Ave SE, Ste 2300
[email protected]505-255-1555
Certified AEDP Therapist
Certified AEDP for Couples Therapist

►Teresa Law, MA, LPCC

1733 Miracerros PL NE
[email protected] Level 2 AEDP Therapist

►Anne Lawrence, MC, LMFT

1200 Eubank Blvd., NE
[email protected]505-271-5050
Website: Level 2 AEDP Therapist

►Deborah Patrick, CEAP

[email protected]505-948-4144
Level 1 AEDP Therapist

►Aimee Thompson, LMHC, ATR

[email protected]505-242-4400
Level 1 AEDP Therapist

Santa Fe

►Carolyn Burns, MA, LMFT

300 Paseo de Peralta, Suite 204, Santa Fe, 87501
[email protected]505-795-8190
Level 3 AEDP Therapist

►Kila Hillman, MA, LMHC

[email protected]505-919-8037
Level 1 AEDP Therapist

►Diana Lightmoon, MA, LPCC

5 Caliente Road, Suite 2-C
[email protected]505-577-4607
Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor

►Leonora Lorenzo, LCSW

[email protected]
Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor

►Patricia Stark, MSW, LISW, LCSW

128 Grant Avenue #221
[email protected]505-930-1384
Level 1 AEDP Therapist

►Scott Van Note, LMHC

[email protected]301-704-9878
Level 2 AEDP Therapist


►Rebecca Mueller, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Level 1 AEDP Therapist

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