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AEDP Southwest


AEDP-SW Presents a Daylong Workshop: 

Saturday June 1st, 9:00 - 4:30

Exploring Transformative Emotional Processes in AEDP & Spiritual Experiences


Location: Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico

With Senior AEDP Faculty Member Kari A. Gleiser, PHD


Abstract:  Spirituality can be somewhat of a taboo subject in many psychotherapeutic circles, although it is an important dimension in many of our patients’ lives and subjective searches for transcendent meaning.  In this workshop, we will explore parallels between emotional elements of transformative experiential psychotherapy and characteristics of spiritual experiences.   Shared phenomena such as deep connection to self and others, gratitude, awe, reverence, compassion, love, expanded states of consciousness, and a truth sense bridge the worlds of psychotherapy and spirituality.

One of the most unique and revolutionary elements of AEDP’s emotional processing trajectory is the focus on the affective markers of the process of change itself.  While other emotion-focused therapies may elucidate theories and guide interventions that facilitate the movement from distress and defensive states to the full processing of core adaptive emotions, in AEDP, this is only the first step.  In this workshop, we will explore in depth the phenomenology and clinical unfolding of the process of transformation itself.  After the turbulence of intense emotional experiencing, how do therapists guide patients to keep the momentum moving through the full process of transformation? We will track the affective markers of transformational experience and core state in a session of a patient with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorder NOS.  We will witness how the swell of powerful emotional experiences such as awe, gratitude and tremulousness herald a new way of apprehending self, other and the world.  Finally, we will explore intersections between 1. emotional hallmarks and states of consciousness evoked in AEDP’s State 3 and 4 work, and 2. the transformative power of mystical and spiritual experiences.  


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